20 April – 20 May


Taurus is everyone’s best friend — kind, caring and dependable, you’re steadfast and loyal to a fault. When you take on a job, you always see it through; when you make a friend, it’s for life. But when someone steps over the line into what you see as your territory, you become the charging bull of the sign — but don’t worry, they won’t do it twice! 

Your month ahead:


In recent weeks, you’ve been surrounded by people who claim to care for you but have actually beed holding you back — an over-protective friend or partner, perhaps. This month, you escape these restrictions; you can breathe, and be yourself again. At first, you’ll just want to be on your own, where nobody can find you; but soon you’ll want to move on. This time, it’s you making the decisions, and nobody else.


We invest so much emotional capital into our personal projects that if ever we fail to reach our goals, we feel completely devastated. Right now you’re counting the cost of a recent reverse and it still hurts, but at the end of March you recover your self-belief, which is very important. Two weeks later, you are ready to make a new start, with head held high. The worst of the year is over – from now on, it’s all good.

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