23 November – 21 December


To Sagittarius, practical considerations are minor details; it’s the big ideas that matter. Hopeless dreamers? Actually, no; this is the luckiest of signs, and somehow, everything turns out right for them. They are clever and perceptive, yet wear their knowledge lightly. High ambition and career plans bore them: It’s all too much like hard work, and Sagittarius would rather go travelling.

Your month ahead:


If you are doing a puzzle, and you are absolutely sure that a piece fits into a certain space, you can push it in firmly; but sometimes it is better to leave everything loose, until the solution becomes clear and the pieces fall into place without force. In the next few weeks, you will find the pressures on you far less than they have been; it’s a good time to consider alternative, and see which one, if any, falls into place.


You’re in an impossible situation at the moment. Whichever way you try to go, it seems that your progress is blocked. So, if all regular routes are denied to you, use irregular ones instead. There is a small path that you never noticed before, because you never needed it; yet it was there first, before all the others were built over it. And if you take it now, it will lead you straight to where you want to be.

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