19 February – 20 March


Sensitive, imaginative, adaptable: Pisceans are able to match their behaviour to the mood of the moment. It’s intuitive. It’s why so many Pisceans work in fashion and the media, because Pisces picks up a trend almost before it’s started! They are also the best agony aunts; when she says she feels your pain, she really does. But being all things to all people is exhausting, and every Piscean needs a space where they can be themselves. 

Your month ahead:


If only we could see ourselves as others see us, goes the old saying. If you look at yourself in a mirror, you see what others see, in a way; but you’re only seeing the face you choose to project, and the real you is still hidden behind that. This month, the planets move the mirrors slightly, so that you see yourself as if from a diagonal viewpoint, one you are not used to. This provides rare insights: Look, and learn.


Doomed love affairs, the ones that can never last and have impossibly poignant farewell scenes, are always the best, because you can look back fondly at what might have been but never was. But here’s a twist: Another brief meeting, unimagined and entirely unplanned, where you can be together in a way you couldn’t before, though only for a day or two. Will it be all you hoped for, or will it spoil the dream forever?  

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