24 September – 23 October


Elegant and feminine, Librans are everyone’s best friend. They look good, they move well, they can manage every social situation, and they offer great personal support in a crisis. Perfect? Yes, if you’re looking from the outside. On the inside, Librans see themselves as ineffective and indecisive, wishing they had more ambition and aggression — while the rest of us just wish we had their poise!

Your month ahead:


It is tempting to think, in the excitement of a new love affair, that there is no need to wait before taking the relationship on to its next stage. Yet two surprises in the next few weeks, one caused by a misunderstanding and the other a revelation that explains the truth of the situation, show how little you really know about each other — which is not so surprising, since the friendship is so new. Give yourselves more time.


Like the balance that is the symbol of your sign, you go up or down according to the weight that is placed on you by other people, and you’re tired of constantly having to find ways to keep everything level. Will it ever be possible for you to ignore the wishes of others and to do things just for yourself? Yes. This month releases you from a particularly tiresome obligation; take your chance and claim your freedom.

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