23 July – 23 August


If you want to watch star quality in action, watch a Leo. Every Leo works out what they’re best at - and every one is different - and then makes it into their signature. It’s always done with real style and confidence, and it’s an inspiration for the rest of us. Where would we be without Leos to show us the way?

Your month ahead:


In theory, this should be the high point of your year, with one success leading to another; but you may also feel that you have one all this several times now, and need a fresh challenge. If so, the first week of May will bring you one — though there can be no guarantee that you will be as successful as you have been, or even that you will like it. But if you genuinely want to take your life in a new direction, try it.


You are calm now, where previously you were angry. The last few weeks have given you a new perspective; you’re no longer looking for someone or something to blame, but happy to accept that some events are beyond your control. But you also see that the way things are now is actually better for you – which makes you think there must be a larger pattern, working in your favour. You’re quite right, there is.

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