21 May – 21 June


Do you sit and watch TV while on Facebook, texting at the same time? You’re a Gemini. The original multi-tasker, this is the sign that can’t get enough input. Whatever’s new, whatever’s hot, you have to have it. You are clever, smart and funny, and everyone loves you for that — but when emotions get deep and dark, you can find yourself out of your depth. Don’t get pulled too far in.

Your month ahead:


You are torn between one course of action and another; deciding on either one instantly makes the other seem more attractive. At the moment, you are trying to pick the one which amuses you and is the most convenient, but each one has deep and lasting consequences attached to it, which should be carefully considered. Think about where you are likely to be in a year’s time, as well as what’s right for now.


There are times to be brave, and times to be smart. You were right not to venture down an unknown path alone, but to let someone else lead the way. However, it now seems your guide has had to cancel, or at least change, their plans – so you can no longer rely on their support. Should you just jump in and hope for the best? No. Be patient and you’ll see that there are other, safer routes you can take.

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