22 June – 22 July


Often marked as the shy one who stands in the corner at parties, or the worrier who fears the worst in every crisis, Cancer is actually a whole lot stronger than that. You’re the one everyone comes to with their troubles, the one who shelters and protects those she cares for. And like the crab of the sign, Cancer can defend herself quite capably when the need arises: Being quiet and sympathetic doesn’t mean being soft.

Your month ahead:


If you want to re-negotiate the terms of a recent agreement, this is the time to do it. There is still some room for manoeuvre, and maybe you could give up one or two things that you don’t want in exchange for some others that you do. Right now, you are being supported by a little wave of planetary good fortune, which will not only boost your popularity, but also let you take little risks — and win. Make the most of it.


In a duel, the first person to blink is usually the loser, and this time it seems to be you. But, as you will see, the other person was only seconds away from giving in; the truth of the situation is that each of you value your relationship far too much to lose it over a trivial argument. Once you admit that to yourselves and to each other, you have a very good basis for reconciliation – and a firmer future together.

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