21 March – 19 April


Fit, feisty and always up for adventure, Aries has the energy the other signs can only dream about. Success is a direct result of effort, so if you try hard enough, you must succeed, right? Yes, but only for your sign: For the rest, life is complex! Yet even you meet with obstacles, and the usual symptom is a headache — you’re beating your head against a metaphorical wall. It’s the cosmos telling you to find a way round the problem, not through it.

Your month ahead:


Success, as everyone knows, is made by seizing any opportunity that comes your way and taking it as far as you can. But not this time. You have learned harsh lessons from previous venture, and although there is much talk of future potential in what you are being offered, you feel it is unlikely to deliver. In the end, you settle for something much more modest. Unadventurous? No, just being realistic. 


Your energy and enthusiasm appear to have worked against you. What seemed like brilliant ideas to advance you at work are now losing momentum, and need some re-thinking. There were also some issues in your personal life which you brought out into the open too soon. They, too, need more time and care. You have not done anything wrong; you just tried to do too much at once. Slow down a little.

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