20 January – 18 February


Those born under the sign of Aquarius march to a different beat and are always making up new music as they go along. These are the humanitarians who are all about making the world a better place with their philanthropic and social efforts. Aquarians definitely won’t do this on their own, as they are a collaborative bunch who’ll rope in their many friends and acquaintances to do this.

Your month ahead:


 So often you have to make instant decisions, and hope for the best. Were you right? It’s hard to tell. This month, though, you have time to reconsider your recent actions. You may decide to accept what you rejected before, or, having said “no” first and now “yes”, that you were right the first time. Either is equally good — for the simple reason that you have had time to think; this time, there is no doubt.


It’s time to change, to move on; you’ve been in the same place for far too long. You’ve said these phrases before, and you’re saying them again now. But are you really moving on to something new, or going back to something you’ve had before? If so, you’re simply alternating between the two, spending a few months with one and then with the other. Real change means going somewhere you’ve never been.

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