24 August – 23 September


Need somebody to help you work your new smartphone? Advice on diet? Or allergies? Ask a Virgo, the sign that specialises in facts at its fingertips and is always willing to help. It’s a pity, then, that Virgos are sometimes seen as picky perfectionists, because it’s not true: They just like to make everything as good as it can be. Their only fault is driving themselves too hard; relaxing a little, taking a step back and seeing the big picture would help.

Your month ahead: October

It’s time for you to pick up some speed. You were right to hold back when you did, because you were unsure about how the situation would develop. But now that you can see what’s happening, you need to move forward so that you’re among the leading competitors rather than just another person in the game, or worse, a spectator. The middle of October offers a useful boost — take it while it’s there. 


Big changes are coming up; you can already see what they are, yet you seem unwilling to engage with them. Do you need more time to prepare yourself for what lies ahead, or are you simply trying to delay taking the final decision for as long as possible, hoping a better alternative will come along at the last moment? You can have your wish, but only for a few weeks. After that, you must move on.

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