24 August – 23 September


Need somebody to help you work your new smartphone? Advice on diet? Or allergies? Ask a Virgo, the sign that specialises in facts at its fingertips and is always willing to help. It’s a pity, then, that Virgos are sometimes seen as picky perfectionists, because it’s not true: They just like to make everything as good as it can be. Their only fault is driving themselves too hard; relaxing a little, taking a step back and seeing the big picture would help.

Your month ahead:


Most relationship choices are linked to emotions and whether you could be happy spending your life with one particular person. All of that is still true for you, but there’s a strong financial and lifestyle factor involved as well, which piles other aspirations on top of the original romance. It seems harsh to put a price on love, but you may have to. Ask yourself if you can afford it.


You're being swept forward by a tide of events, but they are taking you in a direction you don't even want to go. You know it's lucky that all this is happening to you, and you don't want to appear ungrateful. But you'd happily give your place to someone else if you could and go back to the life you had before. Ignore well-meaning but misguided advice - do what you feel is right for you.

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