20 April – 20 May


Taurus is everyone’s best friend — kind, caring and dependable, you’re steadfast and loyal to a fault. When you take on a job, you always see it through; when you make a friend, it’s for life. But when someone steps over the line into what you see as your territory, you become the charging bull of the sign — but don’t worry, they won’t do it twice! 

Your month ahead: October

You’re in love, and for the next few weeks that’s all that matters. Like being at a party, nothing feels real, and sensible decisions are impossible. Bt ask yourself this question: Are you in love with the person you’re with, or in love with love itself? When the initial rush subsides, will you be left with a promising new relationship, or just a huge emotional hangover.


When you’re show how to do something new, you’re happy to try it for yourself, but also assume your teacher will be following one step behind you, ready to take over if you make a mistake. When you glance back, however, you’ll find that you’re on your own. After a brief moment of panic, you’ll realise that you don’t actually need any help — you’re in control.

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