20 April – 20 May


Taurus is everyone’s best friend — kind, caring and dependable, you’re steadfast and loyal to a fault. When you take on a job, you always see it through; when you make a friend, it’s for life. But when someone steps over the line into what you see as your territory, you become the charging bull of the sign — but don’t worry, they won’t do it twice! 

Your month ahead:


It’s always good to think about the possible consequences of your actions before you do something you might regret. But if you spend more time worrying about such things than enjoying the moment, there’s clearly something wrong. It’s what your heart wants to do – if it goes wrong, deal with it afterwards, not before. Maybe you’re trying to find an excuse not to do it. If so, be honest, and say no.


At the moment, you know exactly what you're aiming for, working within a defined framework and schedule. Success is a matter of whether you put in enough effort. All that changes in the new year - you'll be able to set your own targets and you'll no longer have to prove yourself; your reputation will be enough. Everything will be easier.

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