24 October – 22 November


Intense, powerful and passionate about everything you do, Scorpio is the sign with the bad-girl reputation. Sexy and seductive, sure; but there's much more to you than that. Determined and perceptive, you can see right to the heart of things — but wisely don’t tell all you know.

Your month ahead: October

It’s a strange fact, but success makes us all lazy. When we’re under pressure, we fight for any advantage we can get, but when times are good, we relax. Yet that is the time to reach for even higher levels of achievement. This month, the planets give you an easy, stress-free time — and the opportunity to advance, which won’t be repeated for at least two years. Don’t let it slip by.


A sense of freedom and relief fills you, as a difficult situation you’ve been dreading for months is resolved at the end of August. Whether you get the result you hoped for or the opposite doesn’t really matter; simply to have it answered and put behind you is enough. Late September will show you your next move; don’t be tempted by anything before then, no matter how attractive it may seem.

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