24 October – 22 November


Intense, powerful and passionate about everything you do, Scorpio is the sign with the bad-girl reputation. Sexy and seductive, sure; but there's much more to you than that. Determined and perceptive, you can see right to the heart of things — but wisely don’t tell all you know.

Your month ahead:


It seems upcoming changes may not happen for several months, which takes the pressure off you. There’s no pressure in your personal life either; you seem to have fallen into a comfortable routine, which you’re happy to enjoy for a while. Relaxing times like these have their own perils, though. When you reveal a secret to a friend, you realise you’ve said too much. But what’s done is done.


How do you turn a long-running friendship into something deeper? How do you convince the other person that after months or even years of playing around and denying any affection, this time you're serious? You can't just wait for something to happen, you have to make a definite move. So, feeling both brave and shy, you do. And to your great relief, you get a positive response.

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