23 November – 21 December


To Sagittarius, practical considerations are minor details; it’s the big ideas that matter. Hopeless dreamers? Actually, no; this is the luckiest of signs, and somehow, everything turns out right for them. They are clever and perceptive, yet wear their knowledge lightly. High ambition and career plans bore them: It’s all too much like hard work, and Sagittarius would rather go travelling.

Your month ahead: October

Simple truths are often the hardest to understand or believe, and that may be so now. Whatever you want to do, you can: What’s so difficult about that? If still unsure, look behind you; you’ll see all your friends and family urging you on, shouting encouragement, wishing they could be you but thrilled that you’ve got your chance at last. But don’t do it for them — do it for yourself.


If you’ve ever woken up to find that it’s two hours later than you want it to be, or you haven’t packed for a flight that leaves this afternoon, the feeling of the next few weeks will be very familiar. You have too much to do, not enough time, and the situation is made worse by unexpected delays. Do you make it to the airport? Yes, but it’s not the relaxed process you envisaged.

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