23 November – 21 December


To Sagittarius, practical considerations are minor details; it’s the big ideas that matter. Hopeless dreamers? Actually, no; this is the luckiest of signs, and somehow, everything turns out right for them. They are clever and perceptive, yet wear their knowledge lightly. High ambition and career plans bore them: It’s all too much like hard work, and Sagittarius would rather go travelling.

Your month ahead:


At the end of last year, you took a brave step forward. Now, friends are saying you have made a mistake, and you hesitate, unsure of whether to continue or turn back. The turning point comes in the middle of February, when you see what others have missed. What seemed impossible is transformed into something quite manageable. If you can visualise it, you can do it. All will be well.


An alternative option to what you're doing now seems wildly attractive. Why am I doing this, you think, when I could be doing that? The answer, which you may not like, is that what you're doing now is better. The alternative, which seems so tempting, was there before and you rejected it for reasons still valid. Make changes to your current position if you wish, but don't throw it all away.

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