19 February – 20 March


Sensitive, imaginative, adaptable: Pisceans are able to match their behaviour to the mood of the moment. It’s intuitive. It’s why so many Pisceans work in fashion and the media, because Pisces picks up a trend almost before it’s started! They are also the best agony aunts; when she says she feels your pain, she really does. But being all things to all people is exhausting, and every Piscean needs a space where they can be themselves. 

Your month ahead: October

All Pisceans are sensitive to the slightest changes around them, and take evasive action when something make them feel uncomfortable. The next few weeks may be loud and confusing. Remind yourself that this upheaval is nothing to be worries about, and that it’s all good. It will only last for a while, then you can take your hands away from your ears.


You thought you had everything in your relationship settled — but this month brings surprises that create possibilities which weren’t there before. If they’re good, make use of them; if not, find ways around them. For a brief moment in mid-September, you hesitate, but the final choice is still yours, and you decide to stay with your original plan. Good for you.

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