19 February – 20 March


Sensitive, imaginative, adaptable: Pisceans are able to match their behaviour to the mood of the moment. It’s intuitive. It’s why so many Pisceans work in fashion and the media, because Pisces picks up a trend almost before it’s started! They are also the best agony aunts; when she says she feels your pain, she really does. But being all things to all people is exhausting, and every Piscean needs a space where they can be themselves. 

Your month ahead:


A little while ago, you were desperate to avoid answering one particular relationship question — it was just too much for you to handle. It’s still there, but in recent weeks you seem to have stepped back from the edge, giving yourself a wider range of options and more time to make the right choice. A formerly crucial question is now seen in its proper perspective — a minor inconvenience, and nothing more.


It's tempting to think starting a new project is like starting an avalanche: All you need to do is set the first stone rolling and let gravity and momentum do the rest. But here, you find that not only do you have to provide the initial impetus, you also have to keep the venture going and steer it as well. But only until the end of the month. After that, you can relax.

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