24 September – 23 October


Elegant and feminine, Librans are everyone’s best friend. They look good, they move well, they can manage every social situation, and they offer great personal support in a crisis. Perfect? Yes, if you’re looking from the outside. On the inside, Librans see themselves as ineffective and indecisive, wishing they had more ambition and aggression — while the rest of us just wish we had their poise!

Your month ahead: October

Some people insist on the best, and get it. Others are grateful for whatever they are given, and don’t complain. You’re usually in the second category, and there is a lot to be said for your tolerant attitude; but right now you could move your whole lifestyle up to a higher level with very little effort. Think about what you really want, and refuse to settle for anything less. It’s all there for the taking.


When you have some spare time, or a day off work with the sun shining, it’s natural just to sit there and enjoy it; only later do you feel you ought to put your time to some useful purpose. The next few weeks are the best of the whole year for you — but they’re also the start of much deeper changes that will set the agenda for years to come. Take a few days to rest and relax; but think about your future, too.

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