24 September – 23 October


Elegant and feminine, Librans are everyone’s best friend. They look good, they move well, they can manage every social situation, and they offer great personal support in a crisis. Perfect? Yes, if you’re looking from the outside. On the inside, Librans see themselves as ineffective and indecisive, wishing they had more ambition and aggression — while the rest of us just wish we had their poise!

Your month ahead:


When you’re given the menu in a restaurant, you spend 10 minutes reading what’s on offer. Only when you’ve been through it all do you start thinking about what you’d like to eat. So it is now, as Jupiter comes to a halt in your sign after months of showing you endless new options. You’ve seen them all, so it’s time to make a choice. Or at least, a shortlist.


The end of the year gives you an unmissable opportunity so rich in potential that it seems you can have anything you wish. If you want it, take it; if you delay, it will fade away. These chances are brief moments when you can make a choice and change your path. You have to take them when you find them, not put them on a shelf until it's more convenient for you.

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