23 July – 23 August


If you want to watch star quality in action, watch a Leo. Every Leo works out what they’re best at - and every one is different - and then makes it into their signature. It’s always done with real style and confidence, and it’s an inspiration for the rest of us. Where would we be without Leos to show us the way?

Your month ahead: October

When something is stuck, you push. If it still doesn't move the way you want it to, you push harder — but if that doesn't work, you’ll probably find something to hit it with, and break or damage it. This applies to emotional as well as practical problems; gentle but persistent pushing is by far the best solution. If you don’t get a result, it’s probably through a lack of patience, not force.


You never know how much is too much until you go too far, and by that point it is too late. Yet where do you draw the line? Two separate incidents in the next few weeks may answer that. Neither does you any harm, but both make you feel slightly uncomfortable. Take them as personal indicators of too much and too little — and find somewhere in between.

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