23 July – 23 August


If you want to watch star quality in action, watch a Leo. Every Leo works out what they’re best at - and every one is different - and then makes it into their signature. It’s always done with real style and confidence, and it’s an inspiration for the rest of us. Where would we be without Leos to show us the way?

Your month ahead:


Having something new in your life often makes what you had before seem more attractive. The perfect solution, of course, would be to keep both. To do this with relationships is not only difficult, but also risky. Yet for a while this month, you seem to manage the trick, carefully positioning yourself between the two, keeping the future on hold while re-living the past. Be careful.


You're more likely to try something new if it is placed conveniently close to you so that you only have to reach for it. This month, you're willing to engage with something that only a few weeks ago seemed too strange, too far away, too much of a stretch. Now that it's closer, it seems less intimidating. Actually, it hasn't moved. You have.

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