21 May – 21 June


Do you sit and watch TV while on Facebook, texting at the same time? You’re a Gemini. The original multi-tasker, this is the sign that can’t get enough input. Whatever’s new, whatever’s hot, you have to have it. You are clever, smart and funny, and everyone loves you for that — but when emotions get deep and dark, you can find yourself out of your depth. Don’t get pulled too far in.

Your month ahead: October

This is the best phase of the year for you. There are new people, new ideas, and a wave of activity you’re very happy to go along with. Every day brings a change, and you love the kaleidoscopic variety of it all. Best of all, somewhere in the mix there’s the start of a new and potentially significant episode in your personal life, though it may take a while for you to recognise it. 


You’re usually the one to lead the way in a relationship, always trying to make the games you play more interesting; but this time, it seems that you’re the one holding back, while your partner tries to take the affair to another level. The sort of commitment you’re now being asked for was never part of your plan; you need some time to stop and think before you get yourself in any deeper.

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