21 May – 21 June


Do you sit and watch TV while on Facebook, texting at the same time? You’re a Gemini. The original multi-tasker, this is the sign that can’t get enough input. Whatever’s new, whatever’s hot, you have to have it. You are clever, smart and funny, and everyone loves you for that — but when emotions get deep and dark, you can find yourself out of your depth. Don’t get pulled too far in.

Your month ahead:


A decision you make for no reason other than that it suits your mood and sounds like fun could open a completely different future for you. At this stage, it won’t seem like anything life-changing, but when you look back at the end of the year, you’ll see that much of what you’ve achieved can be traced back to this point. A smart move, obviously.


A few weeks ago, you turned away from a decision that could have changed your entire future. You weren't sure or ready. Since then, you've had lots of time to think, but the only thing you're sure of is that you're still uncertain, and that you want it to go away - until a friend talks you through it all, quietly and sensibly. You see what you were avoiding, ad what you have to do. Now you're ready.

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