22 December – 19 January


The Capricorn woman is all about hard work and reaching a goal. She is happy to put in the extra hours because it will help her get to the top. She is ambitious and determined, and dedicated to her goals, almost to the point of stubbornness.

Your month ahead:


A friendship that had been gradually getting closer and warmer now gets too hot, too fast, and after some mutual accusations, you separate. A few days later, you’re together again, but the energy level between you is noticeably lower. Maybe you’ve decided you weren’t right for each other and should remain friends. Or maybe you’ve set up new ground rules and you’re sticking to them.


If you're waiting for the right moment, how will you know when it arrives? It's more likely you'll let it slip by. A crisis is easy to spot because it puts you under immediate pressure and you have to fight your way past it. But a moment when everything is perfectly aligned will probably escape your attention. The next few weeks are very, very good indeed - take a deep breath, aim for the far horizon, and go.

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