22 June – 22 July


Often marked as the shy one who stands in the corner at parties, or the worrier who fears the worst in every crisis, Cancer is actually a whole lot stronger than that. You’re the one everyone comes to with their troubles, the one who shelters and protects those she cares for. And like the crab of the sign, Cancer can defend herself quite capably when the need arises: Being quiet and sympathetic doesn’t mean being soft.

Your month ahead:


For the last few months, you have been held back by duties and obligations to people who won’t let you go. Now, as they relax their grip temporarily, you have a chance to break free. You feel a little guilty because you care for those you’re leaving behind, and they haven’t deliberately done anything to harm you. But you’ve already done a lot for them and owe them nothing more. Take control again.


Whenever you have a chance to move forward, you think of a hundred reasons why you shouldn't, people and places you cannot leave behind. This time, though, it's different - the reasons to stay aren't really there. You've done all you can with your present situation, so why hang around? You need something new to aim for, and the only thing holding you back is you. Give yourself permission to go.

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