22 June – 22 July


Often marked as the shy one who stands in the corner at parties, or the worrier who fears the worst in every crisis, Cancer is actually a whole lot stronger than that. You’re the one everyone comes to with their troubles, the one who shelters and protects those she cares for. And like the crab of the sign, Cancer can defend herself quite capably when the need arises: Being quiet and sympathetic doesn’t mean being soft.

Your month ahead: October

Your actions now make you stand out from the crowd, which is unusual for you. It’s because you’re in a situation which you think is essentially wrong, and your conscience compels you to make some sort of protest. You may be unprepared at first for all the attention and comments you attract, but you’ll be reassured when you see how much of it is supportive, and how many people feel the same way.


You feel compelled to make a stand on a difficult issue, making it clear what you think is right and how you’re not just going with general opinion. You know this is a risky venture, and that you could be exposing yourself to a lot of criticism — but your conscience won’t let you hide. When the storm passes, and the arguments subside, you’ll see that your reputation is untouched. In fact, it may be higher than it was before.

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