21 March – 19 April


Fit, feisty and always up for adventure, Aries has the energy the other signs can only dream about. Success is a direct result of effort, so if you try hard enough, you must succeed, right? Yes, but only for your sign: For the rest, life is complex! Yet even you meet with obstacles, and the usual symptom is a headache — you’re beating your head against a metaphorical wall. It’s the cosmos telling you to find a way round the problem, not through it.

Your month ahead:



Whatever you’re planning, it’s going very well. The last legal or organisational hurdle passed at the end of January and the date for your big step forward is the end of February. Every day, you gain momentum and confidence. Finally, you reach the commitment point and there’s no going back. Do you feel worried? No, you feel serene. This is what you’ve always wanted to do, and now you’re doing it.


The Aries approach to life is always one of openness and simplicity. Whenever you're in contention for some prize or promotion, you fight fairly and energetically. Win or lose, you have nothing to hide. So why are you with the plotters and schemers who make you false promises and draw you into murky intrigues? You're out of your depth. Retrace your steps while you still can.

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