21 March – 19 April


Fit, feisty and always up for adventure, Aries has the energy the other signs can only dream about. Success is a direct result of effort, so if you try hard enough, you must succeed, right? Yes, but only for your sign: For the rest, life is complex! Yet even you meet with obstacles, and the usual symptom is a headache — you’re beating your head against a metaphorical wall. It’s the cosmos telling you to find a way round the problem, not through it.

Your month ahead: October

This month puts you in command, in a way that you haven’t been for many months. If you didn’t have the resources or the opportunity to do what you wanted then, you do now. It’s very tempting to go back to a situation that ended badly, turning it round to give you the result you felt you should have had — but sadly, you’re likely to repeat your past mistakes. Let it go, start something entirely new instead.


Don’t let past disappointments dissuade you from something you want, or from doing what you know to be right. What happened last time may not have been your fault, and also, the world is different now. If you take the view that you’re bound to fail, you may well do so. But if you approach it with confidence, there’s no reason for you not to succeed. 

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