20 January – 18 February


Those born under the sign of Aquarius march to a different beat and are always making up new music as they go along. These are the humanitarians who are all about making the world a better place with their philanthropic and social efforts. Aquarians definitely won’t do this on their own, as they are a collaborative bunch who’ll rope in their many friends and acquaintances to do this.

Your month ahead: October

You’re riding a wave of popularity at work at the moment. Most people find this very pleasing, but you’re acutely aware of how you’re now being seen as a sort of model or icon, representing values not necessarily true to your nature, and which you find rather bland. It may be time to remind people — but gently — that you’re a radical and a revolutionary at heart. 


What do you do when faced with something you disapprove of in principle, but still find wildly attractive in real life? You can argue the theory of it for as long as you want, but your emotions will always win out in the end; your only option is to try it and see if that satisfies your curiosity. It’s the classic recipe for romance: Opposites combine, and re-write all that you thought you knew.

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