20 January – 18 February


Those born under the sign of Aquarius march to a different beat and are always making up new music as they go along. These are the humanitarians who are all about making the world a better place with their philanthropic and social efforts. Aquarians definitely won’t do this on their own, as they are a collaborative bunch who’ll rope in their many friends and acquaintances to do this.

Your month ahead:


You seem to be acting without permission, taking decisions before they’re needed without consulting others. This is because you’re slightly ahead of the game and you’re pressing on with your plans rather than waiting for the rest to catch up. Nonetheless, you should be careful. If the general flow of events takes a turn away from the path you think it will go in, you’ll be left behind. Slow down – it’s safer.  


A love affair seems to be moving too far, too fast. You know what will happen if you let it continue. Although a part of you wants that, you can see that it will put you in a more difficult position than you're already in. There are very deep issues here and it may take some months to find the proper answers, going backwards before you can move forward again. Be patient.

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