This Eyeshadow Works As A Nail Polish Too

You’ve got to try it to believe it

Talk about multi-tasking! South Korean beauty brand Moonshot’s Jelly Pots take that term to a whole new level. David Scheffen, international training manager for Moonshot Southeast Asia, tells us that besides using the product as a blusher, lip colour, eye shadow and body glitter, you can even use it as a nail polish.

This works because of the product’s water-based formula. Once it dries, the pigments don’t budge. Plus, the crease-free product uses a unique blend of pigments to give wearers long-lasting vivid colour.

To use your Jelly Pot as a nail polish, pick up some of the product with a small eyeshadow or lip brush. Then paint it on your nails as you would with a regular nail polish. Because of its gel-like texture, the formula goes on watery but sets pretty fast. To remove, simply use a regular makeup remover. But if you’re after a long-lasting manicure, we suggest using a clear top coat over.

Moonshot Jelly Pots, $34 each, available at Sephora.

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