Stop Doing This To Your Eyebrows Now!

It’s adding years to your look

It’s the hard truth but: You need to stop over-tweezing now. Why? Because this act ages you instantly.

“Power-tweezing is the biggest mistake people make when maintaining their own brows. When you’re grabbing multiple hairs at once, you’ll end up with patches or holes in the brows,” says Jared Bailey, Benefit Cosmetic’s Global Brow Expert. “Plus, thin brows look like they’re ageing, while full brows are the tell-tale sign of youth.”

If you’ve already over-tweezed, though, how to grow your brows out? Bailey suggests exercising patience. “It just takes time. But in the meantime, you can fake a fuller brow.”

Here’s how, in two simple steps.

1. Conceal new hair growth

Pat a little bit of Benefit’s Stay Don’t Stray over the brow hairs to camouflage.

2. Use a product to accentuate your brows

Like Benefit Brow Zings – a wax and powder duo that helps define the brows. Go from the start to the arch to the end of the brow using short strokes to emphasise their shape.

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